Emergency Bails

Emergency Bail Bonds at Henrico Jail: Ten Quick Tips

An untimely bail might upset the pace of life and cause professional disruptions. If you need an emergency bail bond, here are ten tips for you.

1. Call Free Bird Bail Bonds in Henrico First

Dial up your family or a friend who can locate a reliable bail bond service in the county, or track a phonebook with bail bond agencies listed. There are many county services in bail bonds – small companies, attorney-driven and even national chains.

2. Look for categories

County bail bond agencies offer some special privileges and discounts to military, tourists and students. There are also separate services for first-timers including free information about bail.

3. Need for translators

Other services you need to look into while choosing a bail bond company include availability of suitable translators, national services and the locations they serve.

4. Fixed bail bond prices

There is no point in trying to get a discount on the value of the bail bond; the prices are fixed. And the attorney does not incur any cost in bailing you out.

5. In-demand bail bondsmen

Emergency Bails

If you are faced with a case where you seek a high-in-demand bail bondsman, you must make sure that you are willing to wait the time. Mostly, such bondsmen are occupied with several other cases, which they must address before they come to you. On the plus side, there is a guarantee of sorts that you will have bail.

6. Bondsman specialization

There are some bail bondsmen who have it in them to tackle any crime. But crimes that include a capital crime are difficult to bond under most circumstances. So you may save your time by not looking for a bail bondsman in this case.

 7. Keep your bail bondsman in the loop

If you have some reservations on the dates of the case proceedings, it is advisable to take help of the bail bondsman and keep them in the loop. For example, if you plan on not appearing before the on a set date, you must tell the bail bondsman so that he can make adequate adjustments.

8. Common Crimes

While seeking an emergency bail bond, it is important to note that common crimes include any misdemeanor or felony, probation violation, DUI, assaults, drug cases and thefts.

9. Avoiding Penalty

When someone bails you out, they are made to sign a paper that guarantees your appearance in the court on a date assigned by the court. Upon your failure to appear on the said date, the person who signed the bail bond for you might have to pay a penalty.

10. Non-cash options

Apart from cash and credit, you may secure a bail bond with other options like home, car, jewelry and even land.