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The Henrico Jail is located off of Paraham Road at 4301 E. Paraham Road, Henrico VA. Below is some helpful information for friends and family of those at the Jail.

About Henrico General District Court

Bail Bonds in Chesterfield County: Check Your Bail Options Here

In Chesterfield, When an arrest is followed by a charge of crime, the lag between the arrest and the case trial can be a long one, often extending into weeks and months. But it is not mandatory to serve jail until the time for trial is due. You can always check out bail options.

The Basics

On most instances, a process allows the accused release from jail after an exchange of money (bail), property pledge or a promise to head back to the court every time there is a hearing related to the case. When the accused successfully attends all hearings in the court, the bail is funded back to them after the trial proceedings are over. The refund is made irrespective of whether or not the accused is innocent.

When you check out bail options, you will come across the following point often. In case, the accused fails to appear before the court on any one or more hearing, the property or the bail can be forfeited. The court will keep it. On most such instances, an arrest warrant is issued.

What amount?

While there are different bail options set by different courts, the bail is generally set to the tune of an amount that is healthy enough to draw the accused back to the court. Depending upon the place of trial, the specific amount can vary greatly. The judges also play their part in determining the amount. Other influential factors include:

  • Nature of the crime (degree of seriousness)
  • Criminal record of the accused
  • Possibility of the accused fleeing area to avoid trial
  • Financial resources of the accused

These factors explain why two people that are charged with the same crime may have to pay different bail amounts.

However, by the ruling of the Eighth Amendment of the constitution, excessive bails and fines are not charged from the accused. Also, over years courts and lawyers have devised certain loosely defined rules for bail amount, who may be entitled to it and what can be the possible bail options for these people.

Generally, one can be retained in jail in absence of bail, if:

  • The judge believes the accused is dangerous for the community
  • There is chance the accused will try to escape trial
  • The accused is suspected to have committed a violent crime
  • If the charged crime is punishable by death or life imprisonment
  • If the charge is related to drug crimes

Cases have been observed where the judge sets an extraordinarily high amount for bail. This is to keep the accused confined in prison until it is time for the trial. #bailbonds

Getting Bail Bonds Services in Henrico VA

Arrests in Henrico VA are usually emotionally stressful periods as much as it’s financially exhausting. After all, affording bail services is not everyone’s forte. Imagine any close one undergoing undue turmoil in prison while you keep searching for some way out. Moreover, these days legal troubles originate out of nowhere and bring unending miseries to even the non-guilty ones. Surely, no one wants to get trapped in such problems and experience unpleasant situations leading to harassment of the worst kind. Thanks to the bail bonds and services that has become far more accessible for people of all socio-economic groups.

Working the way out with bail bond services in Henrico VA

Once an agreement has been settled where a relative or a family member of the defendant agrees to pay in return for the latter’s freedom, till the verdict is out, bail bonds work fine. Posting the bail however is not a cakewalk. One must understand that certain insurance issues concerning these bonds need to be known. This includes information about who takes the responsibility of the money, in case the defendant is missing. Also, the need to identify the state’s legislation as regards the bonds are concerned is another prime factor when considering the overall jurisdiction.

Role of bail bondsmen and agencies

Whether you choose to get help from a lone bail bondsman or someone working from a reputed agnecy, the choice is largely yours. Usually, these bondsmen charge about 10% of the total amount required to pay the bail. But this amount is not refundable, regardless of the final verdict.

Few other functions that bail bonds experts fulfill are as follows:

  • The defendant’s qualifications and background is assessed in detail.
  • After a positive bind decision, the next step that bondsmen do is accepting the payment of work and the complete paperwork.
  • He or she is expected to maintain regular communication with the agency, which includes submission of paperwork and sales receipts by him or her within a stipulated period of time.
  • Most importantly, he or she must be prepared to track down and bring the suspect to jail or the court, in the event of the client’s disappearance.

Removing the hassles is now easy

It needs no second mention that with the presence of bail bonds agencies and certified professionals, things are drastically improving. Before zeroing on one person or agency, it is always important to see the availability of locals or talk to few companies so as to check the rates and then make a careful decision of availing services.

Ten Bail Bond Related Questions From Richmond Jail

Only if a loved one is arrested in Richmond, will you care to know about bail bonds and then questions will strike your mind as to what is bail, what are the bonding processes and so on. Therefore, an attempt has been taken to solve your queries in respect to bail bonds.

1. What should you know in order to contact a bail agent?

The bail agent would require the following information:

  • The geographic description of the person in custody.
  • The identity with which you are in jail. The booking number is required by the agent in order to contact the jail.
  • The condition (the amount) on which the bail will be granted.

2. How will you get a bail bond in Richmond?

You can use the following ways to be released:

  • By using a bondsman or by giving the amount to the court yourself.
  • You can contract on property with the court (such as home).
  • The judge can also come to your help and let you go on their recognition.

3. Is the money refundable?

Usually you do not get back the premium you pay to the bonding office. This fee is entirely earned by the agent after the defendant is out of custody. It is only when a bondsman fails to meet the contract that you may receive some refund.

4. What if your defendant doesn’t show up for court after the bond is granted?

Contact the bondsmen so that they can discuss your option in full detail with you.

5. Can the defendant leave the state while on bond?

If the court has instructed you not to leave the state, you would need permission from the bail agent before leaving or else you may get you rearrested.

6. Can you get a discount on the premium?

The rate you pay is in par with the state’s regulations. The premium varies from one state to the other. It is best to check the rate chart first so that you are not wrongly charged. You may visit the bail cost page for further details. The bonding agents are mostly synchronized by the state and do not charge extreme rates.

7. What do bondsmen accept as security?

Each bonding office has got some standards of bail collateral, such as:

  • Real estate
  • Cars
  • Credit cards
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Jewellery
  • Personal credit
  • Bank accounts

 8. What will happen if the convict gets re-arrested while out on bond?

If the convict is re-arrested, his bond can be surrendered, hence ends your responsibility. However, if you surrender, you lose out on the premium. At the same time, if you decide to place convict on bond again, you will have to pay premium on two bonds now.

 9. How was the bail bond system started?

The system arose out of general law. It dates back to 13th century England when temporary release was granted in exchange for money or property. It modern nation states the practise has ceased, however continues to evolve in the US.

10 Does all places have private bail?

If you are not sure whether your area (Maine, Washington D.C., etc) has got private bails, your options are through court or local jail.

Emergency Bail Bonds at Henrico Jail: Ten Quick Tips

An untimely bail might upset the pace of life and cause professional disruptions. If you need an emergency bail bond, here are ten tips for you.

1. Call Free Bird Bail Bonds in Henrico First

Dial up your family or a friend who can locate a reliable bail bond service in the county, or track a phonebook with bail bond agencies listed. There are many county services in bail bonds – small companies, attorney-driven and even national chains.

2. Look for categories

County bail bond agencies offer some special privileges and discounts to military, tourists and students. There are also separate services for first-timers including free information about bail.

3. Need for translators

Other services you need to look into while choosing a bail bond company include availability of suitable translators, national services and the locations they serve.

4. Fixed bail bond prices

There is no point in trying to get a discount on the value of the bail bond; the prices are fixed. And the attorney does not incur any cost in bailing you out.

5. In-demand bail bondsmen

Emergency Bails

If you are faced with a case where you seek a high-in-demand bail bondsman, you must make sure that you are willing to wait the time. Mostly, such bondsmen are occupied with several other cases, which they must address before they come to you. On the plus side, there is a guarantee of sorts that you will have bail.

6. Bondsman specialization

There are some bail bondsmen who have it in them to tackle any crime. But crimes that include a capital crime are difficult to bond under most circumstances. So you may save your time by not looking for a bail bondsman in this case.

 7. Keep your bail bondsman in the loop

If you have some reservations on the dates of the case proceedings, it is advisable to take help of the bail bondsman and keep them in the loop. For example, if you plan on not appearing before the on a set date, you must tell the bail bondsman so that he can make adequate adjustments.

8. Common Crimes

While seeking an emergency bail bond, it is important to note that common crimes include any misdemeanor or felony, probation violation, DUI, assaults, drug cases and thefts.

9. Avoiding Penalty

When someone bails you out, they are made to sign a paper that guarantees your appearance in the court on a date assigned by the court. Upon your failure to appear on the said date, the person who signed the bail bond for you might have to pay a penalty.

10. Non-cash options

Apart from cash and credit, you may secure a bail bond with other options like home, car, jewelry and even land.

Following up on the Benefits of Bail Bond Service Units

The frustration and trauma associated with someone’s arrest are understandable, especially if he or she happens to be a dear friend or a loved one. Finding a reputable bail bond service or an expert bondsman to help pull out of the rut might work. But often it creates additional problems like hefty financial expenses including the cost of bonds, fines, court aspects and so on. A little bit of research into this topic can let one explore quality bondsmen at effective rates or simply the affordable bail bond agencies that are inclined to stay by the side of the concerned person and relieve stress.

Approaching a company

Thankfully, a number of companies are currently operating almost everywhere that has set their offices to help people in distress. Such bail bond service companies are generally available 24*7 and a call is all that is needed to start the process. Most of these units have their own bondsmen to go through the case and begins things in his due course of time. Documentation must be ready well in advance and fees can be sorted out accordingly.

Benefits of resorting to bail bond agencies

There are quite a number of advantages when resorting to the help of bail bond service units. Few are enlisted as under:

  • Reliable agents are qualified enough to handle cases the way a novice can rarely manage
  • Expert bondsmen have essential resources to explain aspects like charges or the legal matter involved
  • Most companies are almost always available when needed and do not shirk from its responsibilities.
  • Understanding that unfortunate events can occur anytime and anywhere, emergency cases are paid special attention to.
  • The best of units usually succeed in tackling such cases quickly and efficiently.
  • Whether drunk driving or drug charges or any legal matter, the way of handling each case is different and none but a professional bondsman understands it better.
  • Reputed bail bond service companies usually have a long list of satisfied clients and their testimonials at the website are a proof to the trustworthiness they display.

Assurance is all that matters

Aside carrying out one’s respective duties, a proper bail bond company believes in being present in times of need. During such trying times, assurance works better than merely carrying our ones’ professional duties. If a company fails to offer the needful, it is always better to consult with another to suit one’s needs.

Measures to Consider When Bail Has Been Skipped

It is a huge mistake to skip out on a court date when someone is out of jail. Not only will a warrant be issued immediately for that person’s arrest but they will not get the benefit of bail a second time. Skipping bail is an effective way to make a bad situation worse and most of the time it is the friends and family members who receive the brunt of the repercussions since they were the ones who bail the person out in the first place.

Bail is a great way to get out of jail time, prepare for the case in an effective fashion with the help of a professional bail bondsman, maintain existing jobs and take care of personal matters – so when bail is skipped, it means trouble and the perpetrator might not be able to enjoy his/her freedom for long. In this case, there are a few points that the friends and family members of the individual concerned should realize.

Never Harbour a Person Who Has Skipped Bail

Bail Bondsman

Harbouring a person who has skipped bail is a crime since they are technically fugitives and you could get yourself in trouble if you decide to do so. The person might get you to see his/her way of thinking by stating that it’s only a simple favour but you need to understand that you might risk getting thrown in jail for your actions. Thus, it is extremely important that you ponder the outcome and then proceed in a logical manner by not providing them with any shelter.

Discuss the Problem with a Bail Bondsman

If their defendant skips out on the fixed court date, the bail bondsman might face financial liability and so it is your responsibility to ensure that there is no way for them to associate you with the crime. The best way to do so is:

  • Get in touch with the bail bondsman on your own volition right away when you hear that your friend or family member has skipped bail.
  • Let them know all the details and if you can, provide them with information about the person’s current whereabouts.
  • Assist both the bail bondsman and the police any way you can to look for the person. They might turn up at your home frequently to ask questions and you should comply with them in every way.

You should never think for a second that the police or the bail bondsman is suspecting you of harbouring the person. They are only doing so as you know the person close enough to have sprung for their bail from jail in the first place.

Three Reasons why a Person May be Denied Bail

Most people opt to hire a bail bondsman when one of their loved ones has been arrested. Their aim is to get them out as soon as possible as spending time in jail can be an extremely unpleasant and traumatic experience. In most cases, experienced bail bondsmen have no problem bailing out your loved one without hassle. Bail is common and the majority of arrested individuals are eligible to be released through a bail bond but there are instances where the defendant may be denied bail and must remain under arrest till the time of their trial. Under such circumstances, all the efforts of the bail bondsman cannot yield any results and they fail to get their client out of jail.

Rejection for Being a Flight Risk

If the defendant has a history of skipping court dates in the past, the judge may not be convinced that the present time will be an exception. Thus, if the defendant has a history of belligerence or the judge has reason to believe that they might use their influence or wealth to escape from the country, the individual might be denied bail.

Defendant is a Parolee


Courts usually have very little sympathy for individuals who are repeat offenders. They were allowed back into society on parole or probation once before and still they chose to be involved with another crime. This is especially true if the defendant happened to be under supervision or was released into the custody of someone else. As the individual could not resume a normal life and opted to misuse their freedom, the judge is likely to deny bail and keep them in jail by issuing a no-bail hold. In this case, bail bondsmen cannot help the individual in any way and they have to spend a specific amount of time in jail.

Problem with Non-US Citizens

  • If an individual who is not a citizen of the United States commits a crime, a lot of time the court will take into consideration the immigration status of the individual.
  • This is due to the fact that no matter what type of crime they committed or were accused of, the individual is more likely to skip out and return to their home country instead of appearing for their court hearings.

Moreover, if the court thinks that the arrest individual is staying on US soil without necessary documentation, they might place Immigration and Customs Enforcement hold on them.

Four Facts about Bail Bonds You Probably Didn’t Know to Date

Every state has their characteristic bail bond laws and expecting everyone to know about them is a tad incorrect. In case you happen to be interested in knowing the details of acquiring a bail bond, talk it out with your state authorities. Consult them about the different laws prevailing at your place before you move on. Of course, few facts and laws pertaining to a bail bond will always be universal as they relate to the concept of bail itself. However, there are differences that you ought to know.

Concept and Facts

Basically, a bail bond guarantees that if a defendant in a criminal case has been released once from custody, he or she is bound to attend all the court proceedings and comply with the court’s requirements till the case is resolved. Below are mentioned few facts about bail bonds that many are unaware about.

  • Bail Bond Forfeiture

Bail Bond

When a defendant is unable to turn up for a court proceeding, a bench warrant is issued. The chance is not gone when it comes to losing the property pledged for securing the bail bond. The court usually sets a deadline via which the defendant is required to be returned to custody so as to avoid forfeiture of the bond. If the defendant fails to return in time, the bail bond gets forfeited.

  • Bail Bond Reinstatement

If the defendant can be located and given back to custody prior to the deadline set by the court, a bail reinstatement hearing is held for determining whether there lies any option for the bail bond to be reinstated. During this situation, the defendant is allowed to be free. The proceedings result in added costs to the Indemnitor who keeps the pledged property, in addition to expenses that the bail bondsman incurs while apprehending the defendant.

  • Bail bond as a financial obligation

It is via a bail bond that obligation is made to the responsible party or Indemnitor to satisfy the court’s demands for paying the full bail amount such that the defendant forfeits the bond by running away from the jurisdiction of the court or failing to appear in the court proceedings or fulfilling any other demand of the bail agreement.

  • Bail as a guarantee of compliance

The bail bond usually guarantees that once a defendant in a criminal case is released from custody, then he or she will attend all the court proceedings and also comply with the requirements of the court till the case is resolved.

These are just a few that many do not know, but now they do!

Four Reasons Why Securing a Bail Bond is Necessary for Securing the Job

It is not unusual for a regular person to commit a crime and thus, come under the harsh purview of the law. Most of the time, if the offence is not too severe, they can get off by simply paying a fine. However, if they have committed some grave action, they might be put in jail and this can eventually become a big problem, more so if the individual accused of the crime has a steady job.

Problems of the Job

Everyone is aware of the importance of reputation in a job and if word gets out that a person has been arrested, their entire position might be in jeopardy and even if they get cleared for their wrongdoing at a later date, their clean slate once stained at the workplace can never be recovered. They will always have to live with the guilt and shame of having been to jail and opportunists in the office can actually use this information against them. Thus, the solution that presents itself under such circumstances is to seek help from a bail bondsman.

How can Bail Bondsmen help?

Bail Bond

Bail bondsmen have a great deal of experience in helping people avoid jail and lead a mostly normal life until they receive a trial. A person can get in touch with the bail bondsman himself or if their situation does not allow them to gain access to the services, one of their family members or well-wishers is able to place a call on their behalf. It is expected that a good bail bondsman will be well-versed in the nitty-gritty of the law and they can find grounds on which the person may be released from custody by paying a certain amount of money. The amount tends to vary on the intensity of the crime.

Easy Solution to the Problem

In most cases, bail bondsmen are aware of the problems faced by their clients and ensure that they are protected in every way until they have been found guilty in the court of law. They are experts in deducing information that might actually help their client and it helps if the person who has been convicted of the crime is an office-goer since they can actually cite job security as a valid proof of the individual’s character. It could actually work in their favor if the accused has a good working relationship with his colleagues. Thus, bail bondsmen effectively help save a person’s job by preventing them for going away to jail.