Ten Bail Bond Related Questions From Richmond Jail

Only if a loved one is arrested in Richmond, will you care to know about bail bonds and then questions will strike your mind as to what is bail, what are the bonding processes and so on. Therefore, an attempt has been taken to solve your queries in respect to bail bonds.

1. What should you know in order to contact a bail agent?

The bail agent would require the following information:

  • The geographic description of the person in custody.
  • The identity with which you are in jail. The booking number is required by the agent in order to contact the jail.
  • The condition (the amount) on which the bail will be granted.

2. How will you get a bail bond in Richmond?

You can use the following ways to be released:

  • By using a bondsman or by giving the amount to the court yourself.
  • You can contract on property with the court (such as home).
  • The judge can also come to your help and let you go on their recognition.

3. Is the money refundable?

Usually you do not get back the premium you pay to the bonding office. This fee is entirely earned by the agent after the defendant is out of custody. It is only when a bondsman fails to meet the contract that you may receive some refund.

4. What if your defendant doesn’t show up for court after the bond is granted?

Contact the bondsmen so that they can discuss your option in full detail with you.

5. Can the defendant leave the state while on bond?

If the court has instructed you not to leave the state, you would need permission from the bail agent before leaving or else you may get you rearrested.

6. Can you get a discount on the premium?

The rate you pay is in par with the state’s regulations. The premium varies from one state to the other. It is best to check the rate chart first so that you are not wrongly charged. You may visit the bail cost page for further details. The bonding agents are mostly synchronized by the state and do not charge extreme rates.

7. What do bondsmen accept as security?

Each bonding office has got some standards of bail collateral, such as:

  • Real estate
  • Cars
  • Credit cards
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Jewellery
  • Personal credit
  • Bank accounts

 8. What will happen if the convict gets re-arrested while out on bond?

If the convict is re-arrested, his bond can be surrendered, hence ends your responsibility. However, if you surrender, you lose out on the premium. At the same time, if you decide to place convict on bond again, you will have to pay premium on two bonds now.

 9. How was the bail bond system started?

The system arose out of general law. It dates back to 13th century England when temporary release was granted in exchange for money or property. It modern nation states the practise has ceased, however continues to evolve in the US.

10 Does all places have private bail?

If you are not sure whether your area (Maine, Washington D.C., etc) has got private bails, your options are through court or local jail.

Four Facts about Bail Bonds You Probably Didn’t Know to Date

Every state has their characteristic bail bond laws and expecting everyone to know about them is a tad incorrect. In case you happen to be interested in knowing the details of acquiring a bail bond, talk it out with your state authorities. Consult them about the different laws prevailing at your place before you move on. Of course, few facts and laws pertaining to a bail bond will always be universal as they relate to the concept of bail itself. However, there are differences that you ought to know.

Concept and Facts

Basically, a bail bond guarantees that if a defendant in a criminal case has been released once from custody, he or she is bound to attend all the court proceedings and comply with the court’s requirements till the case is resolved. Below are mentioned few facts about bail bonds that many are unaware about.

  • Bail Bond Forfeiture

Bail Bond

When a defendant is unable to turn up for a court proceeding, a bench warrant is issued. The chance is not gone when it comes to losing the property pledged for securing the bail bond. The court usually sets a deadline via which the defendant is required to be returned to custody so as to avoid forfeiture of the bond. If the defendant fails to return in time, the bail bond gets forfeited.

  • Bail Bond Reinstatement

If the defendant can be located and given back to custody prior to the deadline set by the court, a bail reinstatement hearing is held for determining whether there lies any option for the bail bond to be reinstated. During this situation, the defendant is allowed to be free. The proceedings result in added costs to the Indemnitor who keeps the pledged property, in addition to expenses that the bail bondsman incurs while apprehending the defendant.

  • Bail bond as a financial obligation

It is via a bail bond that obligation is made to the responsible party or Indemnitor to satisfy the court’s demands for paying the full bail amount such that the defendant forfeits the bond by running away from the jurisdiction of the court or failing to appear in the court proceedings or fulfilling any other demand of the bail agreement.

  • Bail as a guarantee of compliance

The bail bond usually guarantees that once a defendant in a criminal case is released from custody, then he or she will attend all the court proceedings and also comply with the requirements of the court till the case is resolved.

These are just a few that many do not know, but now they do!

Four Reasons Why Securing a Bail Bond is Necessary for Securing the Job

It is not unusual for a regular person to commit a crime and thus, come under the harsh purview of the law. Most of the time, if the offence is not too severe, they can get off by simply paying a fine. However, if they have committed some grave action, they might be put in jail and this can eventually become a big problem, more so if the individual accused of the crime has a steady job.

Problems of the Job

Everyone is aware of the importance of reputation in a job and if word gets out that a person has been arrested, their entire position might be in jeopardy and even if they get cleared for their wrongdoing at a later date, their clean slate once stained at the workplace can never be recovered. They will always have to live with the guilt and shame of having been to jail and opportunists in the office can actually use this information against them. Thus, the solution that presents itself under such circumstances is to seek help from a bail bondsman.

How can Bail Bondsmen help?

Bail Bond

Bail bondsmen have a great deal of experience in helping people avoid jail and lead a mostly normal life until they receive a trial. A person can get in touch with the bail bondsman himself or if their situation does not allow them to gain access to the services, one of their family members or well-wishers is able to place a call on their behalf. It is expected that a good bail bondsman will be well-versed in the nitty-gritty of the law and they can find grounds on which the person may be released from custody by paying a certain amount of money. The amount tends to vary on the intensity of the crime.

Easy Solution to the Problem

In most cases, bail bondsmen are aware of the problems faced by their clients and ensure that they are protected in every way until they have been found guilty in the court of law. They are experts in deducing information that might actually help their client and it helps if the person who has been convicted of the crime is an office-goer since they can actually cite job security as a valid proof of the individual’s character. It could actually work in their favor if the accused has a good working relationship with his colleagues. Thus, bail bondsmen effectively help save a person’s job by preventing them for going away to jail.

Three Legal Glitches Only a Good Bail Bondsman Would Understand

Bail is an extremely important tool that can effectively help a person get a few day of relief, post his detention in jail.  An imprisoned person can understand the true value of bail; to him, it is the key to his freedom. This is what makes the bail bondsman’s task so daunting. A good bail bondsman will know his job and how to get his client fast and easy bail. It is the job of every good bail bondsman to be fully aware of the glitches and errors surrounding the legal process and to successfully help his client get through them with ease.

Required Access to Rehabilitation Facilities

Detainees are not arrested on the basis of their lifestyle habit. Hence, it is entirely possible that the client arrested may have a drug or alcohol, or for that matter, even a smoking problem that needs to be addressed. This kind of a problem may deteriorate if the person is kept behind bars, without proper treatment. A good bail bondsman knows that he client will have to be sent to a rehabilitation facility outside the prison. Hence, he must be aware of the procedure required to bail his client out of jail against the racing clock.

Avoiding False and Fraudulent Plea Deals

Good Bail Bondsman VA

In many cases, prosecutors and legal authorities can place a false bargain on the table to seek a confession from the detained person. These may include reduced sentences, exclusion of certain serious charges, not pressing for the death sentence, and so on and so forth. However, the detainee, in a state of fear and trauma, may confess to baseless charges, which may not ultimately aid him, but can harm him altogether. It is the prerogative of every good bail bondsman to ensure that his client does not fall for such bargains and instead, gets out on a proper bail.

Negative Bias of the Jurors against the Detainee

The court personnel, by law, are bound to try to keep the jurors away from bias or external influence, either in favor of or against the client. However, no matter how hard they try in their endeavors, the jurors almost always find out somehow that the detained person is behind bars and has not been granted bail. In these situations, they may get a negative image of the arrested person. The ruling may thus go against the detained person. Thus, it is the job of every good bail bondsman to get his client out of bail successfully.

4 Reasons to Choose a Bail Bondsman who is Available 24/7

Bail bond companies are a boon in times when a loved one has been arrested or the amount required to be posted to successfully get bail is not available. Bail bondsmen can not only help get a detainee out of prison on bail but also help him or her slowly pay back the amount for the bail.

Four Reasons to Hire 24 x 7 Bail Bondsman

Most bail bond companies offer a 24 x 7 bail bondsman to help out in any situation whatsoever. There are some really important benefits of having a 24 x 7 bail bondsman. Here are the top four among them.

1. There is no fixed time for arrests

As much as a fixed time for arrests would be appreciated, unfortunately, the police can detain a person at any given moment of the day. As soon as they have enough evidence against the suspect and a warrant for his or her arrest, they can detain that person without warning. Hence, a 24 x 7 bail bondsman is very useful for getting easy and fast bail. Otherwise, the person may have to stay behind bars till a bail bondsman is ready to take on the case.

2. Bail can be posted anytime

A convicted felon or a person awaiting trial might get a chance to be released on bail at any time of the day, depending on the judge’s decision. However, unless the person has the amount for bail ready, he or she might have to wait before the required amount can be raised from the bail bondsman. Here is a case where a 24 x 7 bail bondsman can be a great help to get the anticipated bail as fast as possible.

3. Addressing Queries from the Legal Authorities

24 x 7 bail bondsman

A legal authority, such as the police or the prosecutor, may have a doubt or a question regarding an individual’s bail specifications. In situations like these, a 24 x 7 bail bondsman can be expected to answer on his or her behalf, even when the agent is not on duty.

4. Contacting a Bail Bondsman According to Convenience

When a person or his or her loved one is in jail, their mind is all over the place. A lot of formalities and emergencies have to be dealt with in tandem. A bail bondsman who is available round the clock can be contacted according to the individual’s convenience.

A bail bondsman who is available all the time can be really helpful, especially in times of emergencies and sudden arrests. To avail immediate services of a reputable bail bondsman, contact Free Bird Bail Bonds today.